Arrived in Delhi


Virgin Atlantic as smooth as ever, arrived in Delhi half an hour early… Hmm skight lack of luggage – all solved by a quick word with a couple or three baggage chaps and they found them all down a conveyor someone had switched off! On the way again…

Our host from the hotel met us at arrivals, then was greeted by our driver (sounds so upper class), By the time we arrived at our hotel, we had negotiated a driver during various points in Delhi for the next couple of days. Then sat down for a cup of chai whilst we were checked in.

Had a little recovery time and decided we were up to a visit to a temple. Driver came and within 5 mins we had agreed three places to visit – there was obviously going to be a deal done to be done later – probably involving someone’s carpet shop.

First we went on a whistle stop tour of Parliament, India Gate and the Presidential Palace:


Next, Humayun’s Tomb, a bit like a mini Taj Mahal – being fixed up:



After that, Akshardham Temple – only about 10 years old – amazing carvings and structure – no photos allowed – we’ll find a link!

Finished the afternoon at an amazing Sikh Temple (will look up name):



after all that, the inevitable handicraft emporium and some small purchases.

Back to the hotel, nipped out and bought a SIM card – took 30 mins – nothing like the trauma reported on the internet! No photo of Paul, no problem – we’ll just take one 🙂

Beer and curry and write the blog – early start in the morning.


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  1. Sounds like you had a good first day, glad all fell into place! Love the photographs!
    Not stopped snowing for 36 hours! XX

  2. Hello
    Looks fantastic !
    Snowing here and we are packing for our walking trip in the Peak district tomorrow !!
    other Brian & Liz

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