Happy “Holi” day from Hampi!


The train rolled into Hospet Junction about 10:30 on Tuesday morning and we disembarked. 2nd class air con isn’t too bad if you can get off to sleep, which we both had managed to thankfully. The tuk-tuk driver wanted us to go to his favourite hotel, so we lied and said we had a reservation at the one we actually wanted to go to – luckily a nice room had just come free with a view of one of the main temples (across a sea of rubble, but no matter !) – so we took it.

We wandered into the village and hired a moped – “Just ride to the end of the street and back and make sure its working” said the man – translation – “so I can see if you can actually ride a moped” 🙂

Passport for a deposit and no hassle – about 2 quid a day plus fuel! Feeling pretty refreshed we set off to see the large temple nearest to our hotel – Virupaksha temple – amazing structure and carvings as well as a very happy looking temple elephant.

IMG_3877 IMG_3881IMG_3885 IMG_3904

Then we went up the stone hill just behind the hotel for sunset and lots more little temples and cheeky monkeys.

IMG_3915 IMG_3910

That evening found us at “Chill Out Bar” enjoying delicious food sitting on the floor – a bit of Backpackistan – but very relaxing and friendly.

What day is it? It must be Wednesday – is it India or Hampi or just being off work? Doesn’t matter 🙂 Up nice and early before the sun gets too hot and off to see Vitalla temple – strolled past some sort of model wearing unfeasibly large heels who had been purched on a ledge for a photo shoot!

The temple is in a beautiful setting near the river – we skipped the ride in a coracle this time – and endless rows of columns. Hampi was once a major city of 500,000 people – now probably nearer 500 permanent residents – and there are temples everywhere.#

IMG_3947 IMG_3949 IMG_3954

Its also “Holi” today – a festival which seems to be about making friends with everyone and demonstrating that friendship by spraying them with multicoloured, mostly permanent, dye. All in good spirits though – but we have seen quite a few travellers still pink and blue several days later, we were lucky and escaped getting covered and watched from a safe distance!


Bite of lunch at a little place next to the hotel and siesta time. We met some other travellers and compared stories and experiences. Once it cooled down a bit we went mopeding off in the other direction to see the Elephant stables and a host of other wonderful structures. They seem endless.

IMG_4000 IMG_3999 IMG_4061 IMG_4084

Our previous night’s dinner place was shut, so we found another with a similar approach and settled there.


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