Nameste, its Thursday


One more temple tour and return the bike – that was the plan – it’s so hot in Hampi that being on the moped between about 10:30am and 3pm is just unbearable. We’re pretty templed out anyway so we spent the rest of the day shopping, walking very slowly and sitting very still in the heat – no room to return to!


At about 5pm we took the local bus to Hospet, an old rickety bus with a metal flap sticking out the floor. But not bad for a 40p ride travelling amongst locals, fun! Found an ATM (not much left!) and grabbed a pint of Knockout Beer! (Did I mention Hampi was dry – that beer tasted good) Then boarded the overnight sleeper bus to the variously spelled Gorkana (Gok Arna, Gorkhana etc etc). The bus was rubbish except for the novelty of double beds in bunk fashion in place of seats – yes no seat belts, no toilet, air con very cold – you get the picture! Despite the fact the high selling point that there was a toilet onboard, Emma wasn’t happy and rightly so…

Not a lot of sleep and eventually transferred to a tiny mini bus and ferried the last 20km at about 4am. Far too many people squeezed in this bus, we were squashed right behind the passenger seat. – we finally got off in Gorkana – “can you get on the roof and find your own bag?” – and ended up watching the daybreak for about an hour on the town beach with a cup of coffee – beautiful :). Amongst the local shop owners and families sleeping on the floor next to us.

Found a basic but clean hotel about 7am and then took a ride to the traveller mini-mecca “Om Beach” just along the coast. Nice food and drinks and a few hours beach time 🙂 We found a shady spot under a tree on the beach, just minutes later Paul was surrounded by two blonde dogs sharing the same spot, a bit too close for comfort 

Following more rest we ambled around Gorkana’s ‘Main Road’ window shopping.


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