Welcome to Kerala


We caught the “super-fast express” train from Coimbatore to Cochin, Kerala. It travels about 200km in only 5 hoursish at a speed which I calculated as 29.5 mph! We can only guess how long an express takes, nevermind a stopping train 🙂

IMG_4957As soon as we left the station we knew Kerala would be nice, all the houses are painted in different colours and it seems unbelievably calm and relaxed compared to where we started our journey in Delhi. Its like another country – in fact everywhere we go we see another side of the country.

We had booked a last minute deal at the “PJ Princess Regency” hotel which amazingly turned out to look just like the picture – which is a first. The hotel was great, a little way out of town on Vypeen Island but not only a short rickshaw ride and a 2rps (yes 2 rps!) ferry to Fort Cochin.

Once we had recovered from the impact of the heat after the coolness of Ooty – we went out for a little explore and also booked a backwaters tour for the following day – more later on that – A large part of the town was a Dutch trading port in the 1500s and it has lots of European influence.


A bit of shopping and some dinner and back to the hotel.


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