Too hot to handle


Having rushed around so much, a nice hotel with a pool was a bit of a novelty and slightly surreal. It was Paul’s birthday(HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and out of the fridge magically came a little chocolate cake – well more like a wagon wheel – with a candle  – well done Emma!


Cows on the beach

Cows on the beach

Cherai beach is north of Cochin and we thought we might go and see it, but we were stifled by a taxi strike somewhere in the area, so instead we went to nearby Puthuvype Beach.

A 10 minute rickshaw ride and we were there – we seemed to be next to an oil terminal! The cows were everpresent and looking happy though..

We walked along and quickly found ourselves alone on a mile of beach – a few fishing boats here and there. The water was warm and we wandered up the beach paddling in the surf.

Even early in the morning its pretty hot and there was no shade at all, so we were relived when we arrived at the other end of the beach and some handy palm trees – Emma set off for a sit in the shade while Paul went for a dip in the sea.

Fisherman preparing set out, Kerala

Fisherman preparing set out, Kerala

Whilst Paul was swimming, Emma made some new friends in the shade of a coconut tree – a bunch of local boys out playing.  She was called over whilst one of them was climbing a tree, when Paul returned from his swim there were about 10 young boys.  Not much English from them and virtually no Indian language from us, we managed some conversation 🙂

Chatting with children, Kerala

Chatting with children, Kerala

We had a short wait at the nearest shop/shack, waiting for a rickshaw which appeared after 10 minutes.  We appeared to own the ride of a local going into town to his bank – I say owned as he didn’t pay for his ride as we did.  Whoever he is, ‘you’re very welcome’.

A short sit down, swim and pack we finally checked out and headed back on the short ferry back to Fort Kochi to find something to do for the rest of the day before boarding our last overnight train to Chennai.  It seemed the hottest day ever (for Emma), so needed lots of shade.  After lunch in a nice looking hotel restaurant we found an internet cafe.  Emma was taken ill again, but only briefly then settled down for more blogging.  We were stopped short due to a powercut, which lasted longer in the internet room as was down for about 20 minutes or so….

We got bored of waiting and moved on to the hot streets to do some shopping, then headed over to the train station to wait and then find our First class sleeper.  Not as luxourious as you may think, although we were originally shown to our two bed bunk cabin, with a door!  We were quite pleased with this, until the conductor told us were actually in the next cabin, and would be sharing with two other people – but they hadn’t yet turned up.  We waited for a while but of course were soon turfed out to the next cabin with just one more passenger.  He was a business man and Paul had a little chat.  It wasn’t the best sleep we had but we’d soon be in Chennai to see some familiar faces!



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