Its a sort of plan – but as you can see there is a big gap in the middle to fit adventures in, anyway if you wonder when and where we are, we might be here:

Interesting places we could go


21st Fly to Delhi overnight
22nd Delhi
23rd Visit Agra – Taj Mahal!
24th Dehli and fly to Hyderabad
25th Hyderabad, overnight train to Hospet Jn
26th Hampi
27th Hampi
28th Hampi
29th Gorkana
30th Gorkana


1st Sravanabelagola and Ooty
2nd Ooty
3rd Ooty
4th Kochi
5th Kochi
6th Kochi, Kerala Overnight train to Chennai
7th Chennai
8th Chennai
9th Chennai, afternoon flight to Mumbai,
night flight home to London
10th Arrive back in London

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  1. Hello
    We have just got a lot more fantastic pictures. I think your mum is getting excited about an Indian trip now Paul but maybe not by moped.
    hope you get this comment as some of ours have not got through.
    Best wishes
    Liz and Brian

    • Hi – yes coming through ok now – we are having a great time but sometimes its hard to find a good enough internet connection to upload photos – only words!
      We stayed in a really nice hotel the last couple of days so if you come we can reccommend it 🙂

      Yes – maybe not the moped!

      Paul and Emma

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